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Issues with Facebook Posting

Viral Video Curator Pro – Solving Facebook Posting Issues

If you are having trouble posting to your Facebook account or fan pages, please make sure you are actually logged into facebook with VVC Pro with the proper permissions for the software which we call "video zap" on Facebook. We need to find out if you’re on a single user license, because if you’re on a single user license, then you may have just entered in the facebook details without actually logging into facebook and granting access to the software, which might be easy to do if you’re not paying attention. I know you did say you followed all the steps, but I have to mention it. You may want to have a look at the getting started guide because the whole process is in there – you might be able to solve the problem if you go through all the steps. Here is the download in case you don’t have it –

The way the facebook stuff works is like this – the person enters the facebook email, password and profile name, and then they save it to the vvc database on your computer. Then there is a third party process where the software must log into facebook and validate the “video zap” program to the software – that is, the user must grant “video zap” permissions to post to your account and fan pages. Even if you don’t do that, technically it’s possible that the facebook account and all their fan pages will show up in VVC, but you won’t be able to post and you’ll have the issue you describe. But – the following conditions are true:

1) if you have just the facebook email, password, profile saved, but VVC Pro is not logged into facebook, Facebook posting will fail.
2) if you have the profile saved as described, and VVC Pro is logged into facebook, but has NOT been given permissions to video zap, Facebook posting will fail.
3) if you have the profile saved as described, and you have given permissions to video zap, but you are NOT logged into facebook with the program, Facebook posting will fail.

The best course of action is to make sure you have followed ALL the steps in the getting started guide. If you have already done all that, and are still having problems, then the next time you run VVC Pro, go to the facebook tab in Settings, select the profile in question, click the “save” button, and wait until you see a small popup open from facebook. And see if it asks you to log in and/or give permissions to video zap. If the popup opens up, and then goes away, that means you are already logged in ok.

If that is the case, and you are still having problems posting to your facebook page, then there is definitely something more serious going on, such as a network problem or a firewall issue on your computer. If you have followed all the steps above, and you still have these problems, then unfortunately it is beyond the scope of just the software to solve the issue. You may try examining your system for a firewall blockage or an anti-virus program that may not be allowing the facebook api to work. The only think Hugh personally can offer in such a case is that sometimes he is willing to log onto the customer’s computer with team viewer to attempt to solve the issue directly on the client computer. The success rate in such cases is about 50% because about half the time, the issue is with the customer’s computer or network, and beyond our ability to solve. IF you want to try that, please download and install Team Viewer and run it, send us the session id and password and Hugh can log on and see what your problem is, if he can. There are no guarantees ๐Ÿ™‚






2 responses to “Issues with Facebook Posting”

  1. Larry W. Avatar
    Larry W.

    I love the Go Animate video ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Margareta Rozsonday-Hien Avatar
    Margareta Rozsonday-Hien

    Hi Hugh,

    I think there must be another glitch in the registration. Here’s why:

    I installed VVC Pro. In the admin dashboard this message showed up:
    “The VVC Syndicator is unregistered! Please click here to register.” I clicked the link and
    entered my PayPal address and the registration key and Register. Then the “Processing” message appeared — and something started what we called “a loop” back in the old days of programming… ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW: how much time would be “appropriate”? 2 min, 10 min?

    However, when I went back to my Members Area to the Lookup Tool, submitted the PayPal address, the Key showed up again and a message appeared telling that 1 registration was completed. So, why do I need to register the VVC Syndicator on the WordPress admin dashboard again – that would be the 2nd registration for the same website… Or, do I need one for the VVC Pro and one for the VVC Syndicator? Hmmm… Somehow confusing.

    Everything else worked fine, the setup wasn’t a problem thanks to your guidance. Only the video itself did not show up on the FB page. But I’ll check that again asap. That might have been my fault as well… Perhaps I should not do things like that at 2AM.

    Thanks for your help,

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